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Name:Healthy Anti-radiation bluetooth earphone wireless bluetooth headset
Item:anti-radiation bluetooth earphone
Model No.:ID-FS05
Bluetooth Core:3.0+EDR
Play Time:8 Hours
Standby Time:200 Hours
Rnge:10 m
Volume Control:≥4.5hrs
Feature:Radiation Free
Battery:Rechargeable Battery


Healthy anti-radiation bluetooth earphone wireless bluetooth headset

Anti-radiation bluetooth earphone wireless bluetooth headset 


The harmful effects brought by radiation from cell phones is a accumulating and invisble process. It will cause headache, loss of memory, sleepless and other symbols in short term. In long term, it will cause tumor and other serious sick. IDREM air tube anti-radiation earphones, designed with Non-magnetic Sound Chamber, Air Tube and Mental Shielded Wire, effectively eliminating the direct damage caused by radiation.


WHY US____________________________________________________


Since 2009, USA, UK, France, Korea, Japan and many other countries have pay attention to harmful effect to

human body brought by radiation from Mobile phone. These countries have put law to forbidden teenagers to use the moblie phone. iBrain Anti-radiation earphone is the first generation anti-radiation earphone. It has gained 9 countries' patentincluding USA, Japan, Australia and ect, which means it has been admitted by most of developed countries. iBrain anti-radiation earphone can reduce 99.9% radiation from Cell Phone.It is the most safe earphone in the world.

 Triplet Anti-radiation Protection
1. Earplug without speaker
There is no loudspeaker set in earplug, which avoiding the direct harm to eardrum and brain brought by 1000 Guss permanet magnetic field and alternating magnetic field
2. Air Tube 
It isolates mentioned above magnetic field and radiation source. Moreover, it lengthens the distance between mobile phone and human body, which largely decreases electromagnetic field
3. Metal Shield Wire
It is made of strands of fine and pure copper wire so as to prevent the transimisson of high frequency electromagnetic wave, achieving quite good anti-radiation effects. Besides, it strengthens the tensile strength and extends service life. 

TEST REPORT for Portable patented over-ear anti-radiation headphone for gaming

Test state

Connection to iDREAM

Anti-Aradiation Earphone

Mobile phone Connection to Normal Earphone National Standard-GB9175-88
Standby 0.148 797.268 0.153

S<10 μw / c



Normal Calling state 0.156 13398.210 5.470
The moment of get through 0.617 13600.130 20.810
Dialing state 0.149 814.030 0.154
Incoming state 0.384 13566.390 20.010

zhongchangjiang anti-radiation bluetooth earphone wireless bluetooth headset  


In 2013,China FAW Group Corporation(Large domestic automobile manufacturers) placed first order of 150000 pieces of radation bluetooth earphone        

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