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Trouble Shooting for BLUETOOTH DEVICE:

1.Cannot Pair to the phone:
• Make sure the device is charged. Battery may be low when you first purchase the headset.
• Ensure that the device is in pairing mode.
• Be sure the device is not plugged in to the charger while pairing.
• Ensure the phone’s Bluetooth is activated on your phone. (refer to Phone manual for how to turn on Bluetooth)
• Try to pair to another device to check if the head set is working.

Note: When troubleshooting, ensure that your phone or device has the latest software update from the manufacturer, as there may be fixes included on the latest update. For how to update your phone or device to the latest software, please refer to your owners manual.

2. Can’t connect the device with app?

Some smart phone Bluetooth service will be abnormal when reboot. Please reboot the Bluetooth or reboot smart phone for pairing device.


3. How to Restore Factory Defaults

Make sure the device is connected with app, go in the app, enter “Mine-System Setting” and choose “Reboot Device”.


4. How to update the device

Make sure the device is connected with app, go in the app “Device”-“Device update”, please wait some minutes before update done.