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9 reasons to tell you why you need a wireless Bluetooth headset

1. Reduce mobile phone radiation:

    As a worker in the audio industry, the author is also a multi-user use Bluetooth headset; Bluetooth headset to take communication, it can bring me there are a lot of benefits. We all know that mobile phones have radiation, this radiation to the brain is certainly not a good thing, let's do not research how much it can kill brain cells; single holding cell phone for 10 minutes is enough to make your phone sore arm, ears uncomfortable; I believe this feeling we have had it. The Bluetooth headset a good solution to this problem, it can make my brain away from cell phone radiation, but no longer holding a cell phone, waist is not sour the back does not hurt, but also reduces the risk of ping the phone.

2. protect the personal safety:

    Opening we have said, with the introduction of the new traffic law, received a cell phone while driving will be recorded 2 points penalty; in fact, the main purpose is not penalized departments, is to remind drivers to drive safely; and Bluetooth headsets in the new traffic after the introduction of law became very popular to buy most of its people are car owners. The author's personal experience is that after using a Bluetooth headset, I do not have a steering wheel in one hand and receive calls, and stay more focused, naturally the car more stable friends in the car; of course, without fear of being penalized Kazakhstan.

3. Release your hands:

    In addition to driving, the author in normal life and work will often wear a Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset fact, it has been done in the comfort of a good, soft silicone earplugs let my ears no pain; because I am usually at home habit to throw the phone anywhere, so I was on the toilet, chores, play computer games and the occasional cooking time, will be wearing a Bluetooth headset, because it frees my hands, and do not miss any phone (especially wife phone, you know). In their daily work, I sometimes wear a Bluetooth headset, because then I can while doing the task at hand while receiving a call, the two do not delay.

4. Voice Chat Artifact:

    The mobile phone micro-channel can be said to be too much fire, and every day we have to look at something new brush circle of friends, and chat with friends and family communication, even the usual communication at work many people are using the micro-channel; micro-channel has a very aspect voice, I believe that each user have used; we need to use the traditional into the microphone to speak, repeating this operation is really very troublesome; and Bluetooth headset is a good solution to this problem, every time I do not send voice speak into the microphone holding a cell phone, Bluetooth headset easy to get; therefore say that the Bluetooth headset is a micro-channel chat artifact is not an exaggeration, do you think?

5. The phone K song must:

    I recently been playing a place called "Sing" mobile K song APP, have to say that this small software it is so much fun, there are mass songs available to sing, but also to share, so I sing this love Cock wire put it down. Bluetooth headset while at this time also sent in handy, put on headphones to sing to sing very convenient. Some people may ask why not phone wire headset it? I of course used, but the hand holding the remote control for a long time will be tired, but poor control from the human voice will appear fluctuated even break the sound phenomenon, Bluetooth headset does not occur such problems.

6. cheap:

    Speaking of price, the more obvious advantages of a Bluetooth headset, it can be seen from 50 models selling Bluetooth headset Lynx mall on the chart, ranking the top ten products are priced between tens to one or two hundred, million transactions on the monthly volume of business also many; this shows that the demand for Bluetooth headsets is still very high. In the conventional headphone market, buy one or two hundred headphones can listen to it? Heart must believe that friends used it very clear. And a one or two hundred Bluetooth headset has many ways to meet your usage needs.

7. unrestrained:

    I have to work an hour crowded subway every day, and all morning / evening peak time, on the road before the songs are used in wired headset; however, whenever the door up and down out of the car, there will always be people headphone cable clip off; ear pain is small, so the headset can be really tempted to pull ah; therefore every crowded subway wearing a wired headset to be very careful. But since then for a Bluetooth headset I have not encountered this problem (because it does not line ah), so that when I squeeze the subway has become more confident and more likely to display their fists Kazakhstan; this is a wireless Bluetooth headset gives me the most intimate feelings.

 8. Sports More relaxed.

    It should no stranger to sports Bluetooth, as people's health awareness increases, more and more young people to the outdoors or the gym running fitness; and sports Bluetooth headset is specifically tailored for these people; they use it ear-hook design, comfortable to wear solid; support for music playback and hands-free calling function; lets you listen to music while exercising, but also will not miss a call. High-end sports Bluetooth headset has excellent sound quality, so you can enjoy a wonderful exercise music.

9. force and high level:

    For the fashion tidal wave of men women, the headset is already out of the street when they are essential for the equipment; these users often do not care how good the sound quality of the headset, only care about brand awareness and look good or bad, that is, as the saying goes money wayward force grid high; and traditional headsets, Bluetooth headset style is also very much keeping up with the trend nowadays; whether it is communications, music, or sports Bluetooth headset, big brands and stylish cool products very much; It is able to meet you for fashion, individuality and the pursuit of taste.

In fact, now the Bluetooth headset has been integrated into our daily life and work, but it also gives us a lot of convenience, in many cases we can get rid of the shackles of cable, hands free to do more things; of course, some Bluetooth headset at work, control, signal transmission stability and sound quality to be improved, but we can not because they deny its existence value; after all, most users are very recognized Bluetooth headset, we explained by the fact that today's content Bluetooth headset also shows that natural necessity of its existence; we look forward to future Bluetooth headset can give us a better experience, make our lives more convenient.

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